Jewelry from 1720 to 1970
stylistically and aesthetically in the spirit of today.

Why unique jewelry from across three centuries? Each inspiration for something new finds its roots in an existing creation. Precious objects of past eras astonish as an endless source of inspiration.


At OSCAR R. STEFFEN JEWELRY, each unique, hand-crafted piece tells a story within its cultural context, with fascinating nuances and fine details. Finding and acquiring these outstanding specimens – from England, France, Italy, the USA, and the German-speaking areas of Europe – was a journey in itself.


Unique jewelry from epochs past have an unmatched creativity and craftsmanship that captivates and a surprising modernity that appeals to observers today.


Today’s lifestyle is less formal and more relaxed, with the same jewelry pieces being worn both in the daytime and in the evening. Rings, earrings and necklaces represent the popular triumvirate of exquisite jewelry, while a bracelet makes a conspicuous statement of elegance. The classic engagement ring possesses an undisputed value and timelessness, both as a solitaire or in more unconventional variations. Fashion and jewelry move through cycles. One day brooches, will be back in style, creatively worn, as will cufflinks as a fashion for both men and women. Jewelry provides a special testimony to unsurpassed craftsmanship.


Antique jewelry and vintage jewelry are multifaceted and valuable witnesses to history. Genuine exclusivity can be seen only in the individual piece. Its striking mix of timelessness and modernity extends beyond time and place.


Oscar R. Steffen

Oscar Steffen is an entrepreneur with a great passion for design and aesthetic. He ran a creative industrial business for many years and held a leading position in the jewelry sector.


Design, as an important constant in his wide-ranging professional life, was also the driving force in the opening of his new boutique.


His international background – he is well travelled and speaks six languages – paved the way for his new vision. He has augmented his professional career with additional training at the Gemological Institute of America. He is a qualified GIA diamond appraiser (Diamond Graduate GIA).